From the very inception, Cyber Security has always been a concern and with drastic increase in cyber crimes, it has become even more important than ever before. Progress has its own consequences and rapid technological advancement is no exception. With increased connectivity and networking, the threat of cyber attacks, thefts, intrusions and unauthorized access has also increased several times, hence all organizations whether big or small are required to have a well structured cyber security policy and risk management strategy to defend the data and integrity of their digital assets.

From phishing and minor virus attacks, to malwares and dangerous ransomwares, our Cyber Security experts have developed extensive capabilities to defend most of the current threats. Our proactive and pragmatic approach helps client create a robust, sustainable security system by implementing security measure in line with their people, processes and technology.

Cyber Security Consulting

Besides delivering expert services like SOC, DDoS Protection, Email Protection, Anti-Phishing etc.; Mindtech iSolutions offers complete consulting on Cyber Security including need assessment, infrastructure evaluation, and end-to-end implementation. We also provide guidance and support for user training, change management, and education to your employees to keep your organization safe and protected from digital attacks

Anti-Phishing Services

Providing anti-phishing services for years, Mindtech iSolutions has acquired deep knowledge and expertise in detecting phishing threats and outbreaks. Our anti-phishing services helps prevent and mitigate online frauds by blocking malicious content; also provides protection against domain name spoofing, display name spoofing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

From browser based solutions to content filtering, blacklisting urls to multi factor authentication, we exploit different types of anti-phishing approaches to provide you customized solution in line with your company’s risk profile and security needs.

Email Protection Services

Email has always been the most vulnerable medium for targeted security attacks; that’s why it is essential to have a robust email protection that can detect and protect your network from both internal as well as external threats. Mindtech iSolutions offers complete solution for email security that enables you to not only safeguard your email system by filtering simple spams but also protects your business from complicated malwares, targeted email attacks and social engineering frauds.

Our email protection services include threat detection; spam filtering, anti phishing, malware & ransom-ware prevention, encryption & authentication, fraud protection and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) etc. In addition to real time alerts and notifications for recognized email attacks;Mindtech iSolutions also provides training and knowledge to its clients for identifying harmful content and inappropriate user behavior to prevent loss or theft of their vital business information.

DDoS Protection Services

With technology growing stronger and stronger, it is not wise to rely on manual monitoring for detecting, blocking and managing DDoS attacks. It is crucial to prevent excess traffic before it congests your network or interrupts your business operations. Our expert team of professionals can help you detect and defend even the most complicated DDoS attacks which involve multiples source of origin and IP address spoofing. Further, you can avail our DDoS service on cloud or on-premise to match your specific requirements.

SOC- Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Centre (SOC) is one of the most sought after services in our gamut of managed security services. If you do not intend to increase cost and complexity for managing cyber security, avail our SOC service which brings you expertise from the most competent professionals for your end-to-end information security needs. Our highly skilled SOC team works round the clock throughout the year to monitor, detect and report security incidents.

  • Log Monitoring & Management
  • SIEM & Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Monitoring & Response
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Reporting & Custom Analytics

With our SOC as a service, you get the flexibility of choosing your preferred Exclusive SOC, Managed SOC or a Hybrid model while you can also adjust resources to match the changing scale & speed of your business operations.

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