In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need to adapt to new approaches and best practices for manpower management and staffing. With more and more companies adopting IT-as-a-service model, finding and retaining a talented workforce is becoming a bigger challenge for all the enterprises. Leveraging our industry expertise and access to the rich talent pool, we deliver a full suite of recruitment and staffing solutions across multiple disciplines to meet all your traditional and non-traditional manpower requirements.

Our Staffing Experts are skilled at deploying the most meticulous methods of short-listing candidates, segregating, evaluating and selecting apt resources with desired skills, orientation and experience. We thoroughly analyze clients’ employment requirements, contemplate departmental framework and relate it with the job description. This helps us in selecting the most suited resource with the right skill-set that precisely fits the job requirements.

Onsite Staffing

Our on-site staffing managers work closely with your employees to design, develop, implement, and monitor customized staffing solutions that directly suffice your requirements. Mindtech iSolutions leverages centralized services, high-class technology and a precise recruiting process for ensuring delivery within the pre-agreed budgets and timelines. To select the most appropriate candidates with critical skill sets, we use diverse sourcing channels comprising network referral, talent database, job fairs, job boards, cold calls, and online media.

Our On-site Staffing services relieve you of routine, time consuming activities like managing attendance, performance appraisal, salaries & reimbursements , employee grievances etc. Mindtech iSolutions On-site staffing service includes a complete range of activities from talent acquisition to performance management:

Consulting Services
& Short-listing
& Recruitment
& Training
Time Keeping
& Attendance
& Reimbursement
Productivity &
Performance management
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